Rules of the League

Rule 1 – General Rules

(a) The League shall be called the Wymondham & District Table Tennis League and shall be affiliated to the English Table Tennis Association.

(b) Club affiliation fees are to be set by the Annual General Meeting for each forthcoming season and are payable not later than Registration night each season.

(c) Applications for membership will be considered by the Annual General Meeting or in emergency by the League’s Chairman or Executive Group. In no case can a new club registration be accepted after a date fixed each year by the Management Committee.

(d) All Officers and Sub Committees deemed necessary are to be elected at the A.G.M. which will be held in the summer. The Officers of the League will have no set period of office, but must be re-elected each year.

(e) Plans for the coming season are to be made at a pre season Management Committee Meeting. (e.g. Tournaments, Divisions etc.)

(f) Date of the A.G.M. to be fixed by the Management Committee.

(g) Officers of the League shall be:- President (who shall serve for an optional three year period), Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Registration Secretary, Press Secretary, Minute Secretary, Lottery Organiser, League Coach and League Development Officer. A Management Committee consisting of the above officers plus five members elected annually shall meet on not less than four occasions during the year to discuss and rule on any matters arising. Prior to the season this Committee shall meet to make their recommendations with regard to Rule 1(e) & 5(a). A quorum for this Committee shall be five members.

(h) The day to day running of the League shall be undertaken by an Executive Group comprising Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Secretary and Treasurer. The Group shall deal with any matters arising between Management Committee Meetings. All decisions made shall be reported back to the League Management Committee for ratification. A quorum for the Executive Group shall be three members.

(i) A Special General Meeting of the League may be called at anytime by the Management Committee or by a quarter of the clubs in membership who will approach the General Secretary for this purpose. A Special General Meeting shall have the same status as an A.G.M. Seven days notice of the date and venue of a Special General Meeting shall be given to all League Clubs and Officials.

Rule 2 – Composition of Teams

(a) Before the start of any season Clubs must complete an affiliation form and return it to the League’s Treasurer with affiliation fee due. When returning the affiliation form fees for Handicap and Presidents Cup can be included. Fees for these two competitions are as per Rule 5(b) and at the latest should be paid on Registration Night.

(b) Registration fees for both Senior and Junior players shall be determined at the A.G.M. for the forthcoming season and are payable not later than Registration Night in any season. These fees can be paid in advance with team affiliation if so desired. New players can be registered during theseason. The new players registration must state for which team he/she will be playing and should reach the appropriate official (Secretary,Chairman, Treasurer) together with fee payable 48 hours before the players first match in the League. Emergency registration can be approved by the League’s Chairman or other member of the Executive Group.

(c) Players shall be registered with one team. No player may play for more than one team in any fixture week except for the special conditions of Rule

(d) Teams for a match shall consist of a maximum of four players the fourth player included to play in doubles only. Each team shall play the other teams in its division twice once at home and once away. League matches shall not be played for double points. Failure to comply will result in loss of points to both teams.

(e) If a club consists of more than one team, the teams will register in order of strength,with the”A” team the strongest. A minimum of three players will be registered for each team.

Clubs with more than one team in the league may use any player from a lower team as a reserve. These reserves to be allowed to “play up” for a maximum of 4 occasions. If a player plays up more than 4 times the games played for any higher team thereafter shall be forfeit, unless he/she is formally transferred (in writing to the League Secretary) to a higher team.

In the special circumstances of this rule a reserve player will be allowed to play for more than one team in the same week.

Division 2 teams are exempt from the clause concerning the number of times allowed to play up, providing the reason for violation is to ensure that a match is played with a full complement of players.

(f) If any irregularities shall be found in Rule 2 these shall be pointed out by the Press Secretary to the Management Committee who shall take what action they feel is necessary. In any event the ineligible players games will be forfeited.

(g) Players may be transferred from one club to another. A request for a transfer shall be made by the player through his new club secretary who will pass on the request to the League’s General Secretary. If a player has already played in the week of his transfer he may not play for his new club in the same week.

Rule 3 – Match Fixtures

(a) Matches must be played on the night specified in the official fixture list unless a postponement or rearrangement has been agreed by both teams. Only players eligible to play in the original fixture may play in the rearranged match. The home team secretary will be responsible for rearranging any cancelled matches. Cancelled matches must be played within six week of the original fixture Teams failing to comply with this rule will forfeit the fixture. Match score to be at the League Management Committees discretion.

(b) No team shall be allowed (only with Chairman’s authority) to have more than TWO fixtures outstanding at any time during the season. Teams failing to comply with this rule will be deducted FIVE points on each occasion unless the Management Committee rules otherwise.

(c) A completed score card giving the result of the match must be sent to reach the Press Secretary not later than 72 hours after the end of the fixture.This function is the responsibility of the home team captain.

(d) A match may start at any time as mutually agreed by the two captains but not later than 7. 30pm. Both team shall be complete by 8.00pm unless there is adequate reason not to do so (e.g. College, Overtime etc). It may then be mutually agreed between captains that a team member may arrive after 8 . 00pm, but if a player arrives late without adequate reason or permission from the opposing team he may only play his games with the consent of the opposing captain.

(e) All matches must be completed by a date specified each season by the League’s Management Committee. If any matches are not played by the season’s end date the team at fault may face fine or expulsion from the League, as the Management Committee sees fit.

(f) If a player is required to be available for a League sponsored function or meeting then this eventuality would constitute adequate grounds for postponing a League or Cup fixture.

(g) In the event of a national crisis causing a fixture to be abandoned after it has started then should either team be in a winning position then this match shall be considered finished. The match card to be sent in showing the score at the break in play with the remaining games having been entered on the card after mutually agreement by the two captains. In a case where mutual agreement is not reached the Management Committee shall determine the result of the unplayed games or they can alternatively direct the remaining games to be played at a later date.

(h) If a team fails to turn up for a fixture without the agreement of the opposing team the offending team will forfeit the match 10 – 0 subject to the discretion of the League’s Management Committee and in addition maybe fined a maximum of £5.00 subject to Committee discretion.

Rule 4 – Match Rules

(a) Balls must be three star of a E.T.T.A. approved make. The provision of the correct balls is the responsibility of the home team.

(b) White or light coloured shirts must not be worn

(c) Quietness must be observed whilst play is in progress.

(d) Umpires must act as efficiently as possible.

(e) The Umpires decision on fact is strictly final.

(f) The laws of the English Table Tennis Association are, of course to be observed. Players must pay particular attention to the E.T.T.A’s laws and abide by them.

(g) The points system for matches will be as follows:-One point will be awarded for each set won (each set consists of the best best of five games) thereby a total of 10 points is awarded for each match. Where a player fails to turn up his points go to the opposing side.

(h) Coaching must not take place whilst a game is in progress. However it should be clarified that coaching is in order before, between or after games have been completed.

Rule 5 – Divisions, Competitions, Championships

(a) The League shall consist of divisions as determined at the Pre-Season Management Committee in accordance with the number of teams participating. At the end of each season the bottom two teams in a division (except the lowest division) shall be relegated to the next lower division and the top two teams in a division except the top division shall be promoted to the next higher division. However if there our a large number of teams wishing to join the lowest division (not sufficient to make a further Division ) then the Management Committee shall decide whether these places shall be filled by additional promotions or non-relegations or both. Conversely if a number of teams withdraw from the League then the Management Committee shall be empowered to restructure the Divisions as they see necessary.

(b) A player having played in the John Meadows Knockout Cup or League Handicap Competitions shall be tied to that Team for the duration of the contest when that team is eliminated that player shall not play for any other team in that competition. Entry fees for the John Meadows (President Cup) and League Handicap Cup shall be £2.50 per team per competition. Teams for John Meadows Cup shall be as per League Registration.

Where a player has played for another team (of the same club) in the handicap cup competition they shall be tied to that team for the duration of the tournament. It is acceptable to play for either a higher or lower ranked team (of the same club) in the handicap cup competition provided you have not already played for another team in the same season. Players registered to a premier league club are excluded from the handicap cup.

(c) Entry to the Handicap Cup shall be obligatory. Entry to the John Meadows Cup shall be non-obligatory. Enter to the John Meadows Cup will be with the affiliation form and sent to all clubs prior to the start of the season. To be eligible for either the John Meadows or Handicap Cup a player shall be currently registered and shall either have played a minimum of six matches in the League or Cup in the previous season or must have played three matches in the League in the current season.

(d) Tournaments and Competitions shall be run as decided at the Pre-Season Management Committee Meeting. In order for a player to qualify for entry to the Leagues Championships he or she must have played a minimum of six matches in League/Cup competition in the preceding twelve months

Rule 6 – Complaints & Protests

(a) Complaints and or Protests are to be sent by letter to the League’ s General Secretary who shall take them to the next League Management Committee Meeting for their consideration. The complaint or protest must reach the League’s General Secretary not later than seven days after the alleged incident.

(b) Both of the clubs involved in any dispute shall be invited to send a representative to the Management Committee’s hearing of any complaint or protest. If a club fails to send a representative to the Management Committees hearing they must still abide by the League Management Committees decision which will be final and binding.

Rule 7 – Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with these rules may result in loss of points and or a fine and or a suspension being imposed by the League’s Management Committee whose decision shall be strictly final.

Rule 8 – Points Not Covered

Any points that are not covered by these rules shall be dealt with by the Leagues Management Committee whose decision shall be strictly Final and Binding in each case.

Rule 9 – Amendments to Rules

(a) Any proposed amendments to these rules must be considered by the Annual General Meeting of the League. The Management Committee of League shall have the power to make suggested rule changes to the Annual General Meeting of the League. These suggested changes shall follow the same procedure as set out in Rule 9(b)

(b) Rule changes from clubs are to be submitted to the League General Secretary by the end of the first week in April, who shall circulate these proposals to clubs by the end of the third week in April after they have been considered by the League Committee. Any amendments to proposed rule changes must be submitted to the League Secretary by the end of April. These amendments will be circulated to clubs with the A.G.M. agenda. No rule changes will be accepted or dealt with at the A.G.M. unless the foregoing procedure has been completed.

Rule 10 – The Expedite System

If a game is unfinished after seven minutes of play, the game shall be interrupted and the rest of the game and the remainder of the match shall be played under the Expedite System. Under the Expedite System if the serve and six successive good returns of the serving player or pair are each followed by good returns of the receiving player or pair the server shall lose a point. If the ball is in play when the game is interrupted, play shall restart with service by the player who served in the rally that was interrupted. If the ball was not in play when the game was interrupted play shall restart with service by the player who received in the immediately preceding rally.

The Expedite System may be introduced at an earlier time, from the beginning of the match up to the end of seven minutes of play in any game, at the request of both players on pairs.

Special Rules Applying to Team Handicap

(a) Matches will be two games of 20 up no deuce.

(b) The Handicap Committee shall have the right to vary handicaps between rounds

(c) Rule 5(c) must be strictly observed. All contestants must have played three matches in the League in the currant season.

(d) Any other Match Rules for this competition which supersede existing rules will be circulated with the Score and Handicap sheets.

(e) In the unlikely event of a draw the game will be replayed without change to Handicaps.

(f) No variation to Handicaps will take place after the Quarter Final round.

Rule 11 – Dissolution

a) If at an A.G.M. of the League a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the League, the General Secretary shall within one month convene a Special General Meeting to discuss and vote on this resolution.

b) If at the Special General Meeting the resolution is carried by at least two-thirds of the full members present then the Management Committee shall within one month of the date of this Special Meeting proceed to realise the assets of the League, and discharge all debts and liabilities.

c) After discharging all the debts and liabilities of the League the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed to the full members of the League but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having similar objectives to those of the now dissolved League.

d) It shall be the final responsibility of the League’s retiring Management Committee to decide where any assets in accordance with Rule 10 (c) are placed. Their decision shall be strictly final and binding.

Rule 12 – Temporary Emergency measures to deal with the Covid 19 Pandemic (this rule will remain in force whilst the Committee consider it necessary)

a) All players will be required to sign the Wymondham & District Table Tennis League Coronavirus Code of Conduct before being allowed to play;

Wymondham & District Table Tennis League

Coronavirus Code of Conduct

If you have shown coronavirus symptoms (a new persistent cough, a high temperature, a loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath, a sore-throat that has developed suddenly or general muscle pain) in the last 14 days, or any of your household are self-isolating, you must stay at home and not use our facilities
If at any time within 7 days of playing a match or attending a practice session you display coronavirus symptoms or test positive for Coronavirus, you must contact the club by telephone (01953 602180 or 01953 454404) as well as you must use the NHS Test, Track and Trace system
Please be advised that your details may be shared with NHS Track and Trace in line with Government guidelines
You must adhere to social distancing at all times
You must comply with the “Method of Operation” document for each venue you play at
Members must adhere to good hygiene practices at all times whilst playing in the league
Equipment cannot be shared within a session
Table Tennis etiquette, which requires contact (shaking hands etc.,) must be suspended for the time being
Proper hand washing for 20 seconds with soap (or hand sanitiser as a second best) must occur before and after any activity
Members must bring their own drinks bottles which are brought in and taken away every session
Wymondham & District Table Tennis League is committed to the safety and welfare of its members. As such we will take the following measures;

We will keep members updated with changes in processes or protocol relating to club activity
We will implement a booking system to limit numbers attending training sessions to enable social distancing
We will provide information on good hygiene practices
We will do our best to keep up to date with Table Tennis England Ready to Return guidance, and Government advice
We will make decisions based on the best interest of our membership
We will regularly review and update our risk assessment relating to Coronavirus
We will share information with the NHS Track and Trace Service in line with Government Guidelines
The Committee of the Wymondham & District Table Tennis League reserve the right to withdraw registration from the league of any player who is in serious or persistent breach of this Coronavirus Code of Conduct.

I confirm that I have read and agree to the Coronavirus Code of Conduct and accept that Wymondham & District Table Tennis League have done everything that is reasonably practicable to minimise the risk presented by Coronavirus;

b) Team Secretary’s will be responsible for ensuring all players sign and adhere to the Code of Conduct.

c) The committee have the authority of League to add, delete or amend any rule or any other aspect of the operation of the League without AGM approval. This rule will only be invoked as a result of any challenge the committee need to deal as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

d) The League committee will act quickly and decisively to deal with players who do not comply with the Code of Conduct and will take disciplinary action against those players, deducting points or in the case of proven serious or persistent offending banning them from playing.